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Journey Begins Here, Today

Meet Our Coaches

Gina Kegel
Casey Anderson
Zulma Garcia

Our Approach

Our Activity Based Integrative (Holistic Mind) Coaching approach offers integration between both sides of your brain: your left and right sides. We create a pathway between the side that crunches numbers, solves problems, and uses words to articulate solutions and your right side: the side that uses creative  expression to explain who you are, the side that moves in the moment, the side that reaches for the stars, the side that dreams. This approach creates a balanced mindset and promotes happiness.

Our Coaching Method

Holistic Coaching

Four Key Components

  • Learn

  • Participate

  • Customize

  • Celebrate

Vino & Vision Coaching Program9.png

Our Coaching Program

Four-step Coaching


Our Coaching Model

Vino & Vision Coaching Model - website3.

Coaching Modules











Expert Coaches

Our coaches are knowledgeable and expert leaders. They are passionate about providing you with guidance and support.

Our Benefits


Community Support

Our Vino & Vision VIPs Coaching Community provides you with the opportunity to have regular interactions with the other members and with our experienced coaches.

Ongoing feedback and  support from the coaches and the fellow members have significant positive impact on both your personal and professional growth.


Flexible and Fun Coaching

Vino & Vision mindfulness activities, events and coaching sessions provide a fun and flexible ways of learning together in-Person

or From the Comfort of Your Home.

“The space between what we know and don’t know is a dark tunnel that leads to the light where we see the impossible becomes possible.”

Dr. Milu Islam

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