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3 Key Components To Feeling Aligned, Getting Support, & Growing Your Coaching Business Holistically


This Event is FREE! 

In this 25-minute event, you will you get a sneak peek at the:

  • Comprehensive training and certification and support offered through Vino & Vision’s unique activity-based coaching program,

  • Various ways you can earn supplemental income in as little as 30 days and

  • Limitless opportunities to build relationships and put your talents to use in a community of holistic, like-minded coaches.

Here are reasons why you must be at the event!


  • Learn a more creative and collaborative way of running your coaching business.

  • Learn how you can use the training to supplement services offered to your current clients and as a service to attract new clients.

  • Discover how you can take your coaching business and life to places beyond your current imagination.  And be able to guide your clients to do the same.

Presented By:

Zulma Berenice (1).png

Zulma Berenice, VCPAC - Global Coach Lead

Zulma Berenice strives to live an intentional and mindful life every day. Zulma loves being a Life Coach because of the profound effect even one session can make on her clients. Creating safe space and a connection from one being to another being is her passion for coaching and it has lead her to pioneering in the field of Holistic Leadership Coaching and Holistic Marketing.

Casey Anderson, VCPAC - Regional Coach Lead

Casey Anderson is multi-passionate Creative Entrepreneur, Truth Seeker, Teacher, Award-Winning Author and Associate Coach for Vino & Vision Program.

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